Chronic Quality provides her clients with global procurement and supply services unparalleled in all sectors of our engagement ranging from the upstream oil and gas sector to the Construction industry.
We have the capacity to support large, complex projects in remote locations of any environment using our established relationship over the years with our vast suppliers from every continent of the world. Hence, any project location remains for us a perfect environment. We have the right processes, tools, market data, volume, logistics and skilled professionals to match our word in a bid to meet the varying demands of our clients and prospects. The diligent purchase and utmost safe delivery of quality goods and services, from reliable and diverse suppliers and subcontractors, in scheduled time, and at the lowest total cost remains our drive.
With our dedicated team of procurement and supply specialists and experts, we provide complete end-to-end supply chain management services.

Our Procurement and Supply works


  • Contracts management (formation and administration)
  • Expediting
  • Quality products
  • Global market watch
  • Import-export and regulatory compliance
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Materials management
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier diversity
  • Traffic and logistics
  • Proper Tax clearance certificates

What you get

  • A resource pool of mobile professionals—experts in their fields—located in major economic and industrial centers of the world.
  • Web-based supplier portal for identifying low-cost, reliable suppliers.
  • Proven work processes—supported by operational excellence programs, subject matter experts, and six sigma methodologies—that allow us to obtain a full range of goods and services, which are customized to meet customer and project requirements.
  • Adequate knowledge of local laws, markets, customs, and procurement practices that enables sourcing from locations around the world in compliance with all laws and regulations.



At inception, the need for a clear Quality Policy statement became obvious as an emerging player in a saturated environment of related service providers. Our policy at CHRONIC QUALITY INTEGRATED SERVICES is to render services ensuring consistency of optimum quality delivery, meeting and possibly surpassing our clients’ expectations at every given engagement. Our involvements and operations shall prioritize the good of the public and be in compliance with best operating practices and obtainable laws, regulations and standards.



CQIS is fully involved in critical Project Management services covering all arm of construction and its other related fields. Working with a select team of seasoned professionals cutting across fields of building and mechanical engineering. Find listed on our gallery some executed projects.
CQIS is comprised of a wide range of professionals in multiple offices across the Nation with proven extensive skills delivering hands-on technical and managerial experience. This team of seasoned professionals forms the resource bank we result to, to handle all facets of construction and projects,- this include the ability to adequately analyse pending issues, explore alternative options, promptly initiate result oriented strategies, while successfully executing projects of various sizes and complexities. Owner’s project management services, including concept development, strategic development advisory, owner’s representation, facilities management, and logistics


Our interactive contact support service and web-based quick reach platform, provides comprehensive construction management services to assist clients throughout the entire construction process—from pre-construction, through construction, to project closeout. This service cover a wide range on a variety of projects- in major road construction, building facility, market areas, including education, public works, commercial and industrial.